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Photos: What does Tim Cook dig about China startups ofo and Keep

China’s emerging bike-sharing business sees millions of riders every day, and it is becoming hotter by the day. Leading bike-sharing player ofo on Tuesday welcomed Apple CEO Tim Cook to its office to try out its bicycles.

Tim Cook, who was in Beijing for the China Development Forum, posted on Weibo, China’s Twitter, an image of him learning how to use an ofo bike inside the Beijing-based startup’s headquarters on Tuesday. AllChinaTech compiled photos of Tim Cook’s visit to the offices of hot China startups ofo and Keep, apps that have caught on in the country.

Screenshot of Tim Cook’s Weibo

Last May, Apple invested USD 1 billion in China’s largest ride hailing app Didi Chuxing, which is also ofo’s investor and strategic partner. Cook’s ofo visit aroused public interest on whether Apple will invest in ofo.

ofo founder Dai Wei guided Tim Cook around the startup’s office.

Photo from Weibo user Chen Xingrong

Tim Cook tried out the yellow ofo bike which looks too small for him though.

Photo from Weibo user IT Shijie Jingli

To conclude Cook’s visit at ofo, they took a photo.

Photo from Tim Cook’s Weibo

Another startup that Cook toured is the office of China fitness app Keep. The app claims that it has been downloaded 80 million times. Keep founder Wang Ning explains the use of equipment to Cook in the startup’s headquarters in central Beijing.

Photo from Tim Cook’s Weibo

Keep staff explaining their data collection to Cook on a Mac laptop.

Photo from Tim Cook’s Weibo

Cook received a yoga mat as the app’s 80,000,001st user. Why is it coincidental that he happens to be the lucky one?

Still, Cook said that he wants to be the first person to get his hands on the Keep app after it launches an overseas version.

Photo from Keep

Celebrities have a new routine in the social media era – taking a selfie with a group of fans or people. Cook is no exception and took a group selfie with Keep staff.

Photo from tech media

The Cook craze did not end with his visit. A guy posted his selfie with Cook. Check it out.

(Top photo from Baidu Images)

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