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Why China’s No. 2 e-commerce site JD sees smart refrigerators as a key to IoTs boom

Eyeing the Internet of Things (IoTs) future, China’s second largest online retailer is joining China’s tech giants to launch a smart refrigerator.’s founder Liu Qiangdong on Tuesday made a post on a Chinese social media platform announcing that the e-commerce platform will start selling its own smart refrigerators.

“After three years of research and development, the refrigerator will go on sale. It will be more than just a giant box of food. Instead, it will be a service center for healthy diets and will also provide sales of fruits and vegetables,” wrote Liu.

With the installation of cameras and image recognition technology, the user will know what is exactly inside and when the food will expire. A user can check all information via an app, and buy more food if the refrigerator is nearly empty at

The smart machine can also learn your habits, according to Liu, and recommends that food can be purchased on the e-commerce website.’s smart refrigerator. Photo from Baidu Images

The IoTs market in China is expected to reach RMB 1.83 trillion (USD 265 billion) by 2020, as reported by Chinese news portal Sohu.

Among corporate companies, software companies will most likely to take the lead in the IoTs market according to IDC. The chance for software companies is 19.6 percent more than data analytics companies, which is placed second on this rank.

To embrace the IoTs boom, becomes the latest internet and software giant that places bets on the kitchen to welcome the Internet of Things era.

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