Xiaomi’s new Mi Max 2 is bigger than an iPhone 7 Plus

China’s leading smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi on Thursday launched its latest phone Mi Max 2, a year after it unveiled the first generation of the Mi Max. The new 6.44-inch phone is bigger than an iPhone 7 Plus which measures at 5.5 inch.

“Mi Max 2 is at 6.44-inch as the maximum limit that you can hold a smartphone with one hand stands at 6.44 inch” said Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, at the press launch.

Just like the iPhone 7, this phone body has a metal frame. Xiaomi claims that its battery is much larger than an iPad mini’s and can even charge an iPhone 7 twice with the help of an on-the-go (OTG) cable.

The Mi Max 2.
The Mi Max 2.

In terms of convenient phone handling, the Mi Max 2 made similar user friendly functions like its competitors. In terms of an iPhone 7, double clicking on the home button will make all icons appear at the bottom half of the screen for easier handling. Similarly, Mi Max 2 users can also make the homepage screen much smaller and use it even in situations when they only have one hand for the smartphone.

Xiaomi started its business by making smartphones with extremely low cost performance ratios and coined the term “Xingneng Guaishou”, which literally means “performance monster”. Its flagship smartphones are often equipped with the best Android phone parts including processors and camera parts. Priced at USD 363, the Mi 6 phone is powered with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Xiaomi’s hardcore fans are attracted to these high tech performance parts.

The launch of the Mi Max series is a sign that the company is expanding its range to attract more customers. Today’s launch event was also more popular and entertaining, as Xiaomi invited members from China’s popular female girl band SNH 48.

members from SNH 48 pose with the Mi Max 2.
members from SNH 48 pose with the Mi Max 2.

“Mi Max 2’s big screen are for those people who use smartphones to watch videos, read, and work on office documents,” said Lei.

The price for the 64 GB model of Mi Max 2 is at RMB 1,699 (USD 247), and the 128 GB model at RMB 1,999. Both models will be sold on both its online and physical stores from June 1.

(All photos from Xiaomi)

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