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The top 5 fitness apps in China

The fitness trend has taken off in China as the enlarging middle class becomes more aware of their personal health and trendy young people enjoy posting workout selfies on their social media accounts. Here are the top five fitness apps in China that may give a glimpse of the booming sports industry in China.


This app provides training tutorials and has an online community. It has short indoor training plans to guide its users with step-by-step instructions. The app is basically a virtual coach for people who are too busy to go to the gym or those who want to workout but are unable to afford the fees of personal trainers.

What is worth mentioning is that the Keep team is pretty young, with an average age of 25. So far, it has raised tens of millions in USD for its Series C+ financing round and claims that its app has been downloaded 80 million times, demonstrating the power of youth.


Qiji literally means “cycling diary” in Chinese. This app is designed for cyclists, and it records their cycling routes, and provides data such as heart rate, accumulated mileage, calculation of route times, average cycling speed, and number of calories consumed.

Aside from recording data, it enables users to share their cycling experience. As more cyclists join in, the app builds a community where users share their cycling experience via live streaming, public posts, discussions, and more.


Marathons have gained popularity in China in the last few years, as many participants now have to go through the balloting process to be able to run. This is in contrast to the situation 10 years ago when marathon organizers could not find enough participants, as reported by Tencent Culture.

The app Maramara cashes in on this trend and provides users with information about marathons around the world. It has a running event application channel, where users can apply for events through the app. The app displays data such as daily running data, personal marathon scores, certificates, medals, and equipment.


JOYRUN is a social app centered on running. It builds a running community by providing users searches for running pals, formation of running groups, and sharing of running records.

As of February 2017, the app has attracted 30 million users and has held more than 150 activities and competitions in over 60 cities.


It is an app developed by a gym chain called SunPig, and has its gyms relatively smaller and closer to its clientele. This app records the user’s purchasing history, exercise data, and workout ranking among all its users.

The SunPig app also enables its users to book private trainers or exercise classes. The app has more than 100,000 registered users in over 80 SunPig gyms around China.

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