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Handicraft marketplace app Idus’ cumulative sales transactions have exceeded 1 million

Photo from Backpacker.

Backpacker, the Korean startup that runs a leading handicraft marketplace app Idus, announced that the cumulative number of sales transactions has exceeded 1 million and the cumulative transaction value has exceeded KRW 30 billion (USD 26.7 million).

Since the launch of the service in June 2014, Idus has had more than 2,000 sellers on the platform and has since become the largest online handicraft market in South Korea. Here is a list of items that is sold and its market share on Idus:

Portable fiber fragrance items were the best sellers for women, while wood accessory holder was the best selling item for men. Teenagers bought garlands the most while those in their twenties bought fragrances the most. Those who were older preferred vinegar drinks and soybeans rice cake products.

This year, Idus has recorded average monthly sales transactions of 100,000 and monthly transaction volumes of KRW 2.5 billion. The app has exceeded 2.5 million downloads so far.

Kim Dong-hwan, CEO of Backpacker said that the basic idea of Idus has been to create to platform for handicrafts artists to help them sell their products online.

This article, entitled “Handicraft marketplace app Idus’ cumulative sales transactions have exceeded 1 million”, was written in Korean by Platum, edited by AllTechAsia editors.

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