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AllChinaTech is now AllTechAsia!

AllChinaTech has been up and running for the last 22 months. As the only English tech media startup in China, our dedicated team has produced more than 1,800 English stories on China’s tech industry.

Our mission is simple: to connect the world with the startup ecosystem in China, which is a robust market backed by 700 million Internet users. Today, technology has deeply affected Chinese consumers who are in turn inspiring the future of product design and direction of technology development.

As our platform grows, we realize that China’s startup ecosystem does not exist on its own. Of our 300,000 readers, 95 percent of them come from outside of China. Readers from East and Southeast Asia register the most rapid growth for our news subscription.

Together with our readers from the United States, Australia and Europe, they contribute to our highest monthly engagement rate of 1.5 million.

With the introduction of two new news channels AllTechIndia (ATI) and AllTechKorea (ATK), AllChinaTech will now be transformed as AllTechAsia (ATA). Tech news from China will be channeled into our AllTechChina (ATC) section from now on. ATK is opened with full support by our partner and South Korea’s top tech media outlet Platum.

ATA has started to expand its offline presence in South Korea via ATK and it will vitalize Korea- and China cross -border startup collaboration opportunities. Furthermore, we believe that with the creation of these new channels, (ATI – India and ATK – Korea), we can better connect to the startup ecosystem across Asia. With our partnerships with top tech media outlets, our reporting will cover the full tech scoop in Asia. We invite our readers to connect with our stories to help them discover new business opportunities, big ideas on technology, and the future beyond with our new English news service.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to bring you more exciting tech news with AllTechAsia!

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