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The story behind AllTechAsia team

I am Wu Nan, a veteran journalist educated at UC Berkeley and Harvard. I’ve worked at some of the most influential Chinese and international media outlets including the Wall Street Journal and the South China Morning Post.

After living through first-hand the decline of traditional media outlets, I am now determined to make a difference in the profession I love deeply. In August 2015, I co-founded AllChinaTech, China’s TechCrunch-like English tech media startup.

The digital media era has liberated the way people consume information, think and act. Journalists and readers alike have more freedom to express themselves and communicate with the rest of the world, simply by blogging, posting and sharing on social networks. Traditional journalistic norms such as style, genre and beats are quickly disintegrating. As long as you deliver meaningful information to the right people, you’ve done your job and won your audience.

Wu Nan, Founder and Editor in Chief, AllTechAsia

That is where our new brand AllTechAsia comes in. With multicultural backgrounds, our teammates have studied and lived in different parts of the world – the United States, Europe, China, India, South Korea, and Southeast Asia.

Our goal is to share our insights and analysis of the tech industry in Asia, and to use the most compelling storytelling through interviews with industry leaders and startup founders. We also aspire to share big ideas and trends in the IT industry, innovation, and technology across the whole of Asia and connect with readers from the rest of the world.

We believe that tech empowers the world, and we invite you to join us on a fascinating journey to see the future.

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