AI service provider Unisound secured USD 45 M in strategic funding, & more

AI service provider Unisound received USD 45 M for financing


Founder: Huang Wei

Founded in: 2012

Financing status: RMB 300 million (USD 45 million) for financing in 2017

AI service provider, Unisound, received USD 45 M for financing on August 17 to expand its team by recruiting more talent.

Speech recognition is an area that stimulates many technical innovations, such as voice-to-word conversion and voice-controlled smart homes. It is based on the analysis of big data and artificial intelligence-related machine learning. Though we can control some smart devices with voice instruction, it is still hard to talk with them and have them do personalized work for us. The problem of how to apply AI related technologies to more areas of life remains to be solved. Today, Unisound received funding for its large data pool, and to apply its data basement to more uses.

Unisound is an AI service provider that mainly provides speech recognition, big data analysis, and other AI services for its enterprise partners. Its services mainly apply to two areas; its system supports the Internet of Things (IoT) and it customizes its services by integrating them with other companies. It enables users to control IoT devices through its voice central control system, Pandora. These devices include TVs, air conditioners, and desk lamps, among other things.

It also provides its partners with AI technology to support their own demands, especially in the medical, education, and financial industries. These include supporting doctors with medical research in hospitals, talking with children through smart interactions, and so on.

Founded in 2012 in Beijing, it currently integrates more than 20,000 partners in its AI services, which covers 200 million users in 647 cities in China. Additionally, there are more than 100 million devices connected to its services.

This new financing round was from an undisclosed group of investors. The capital will be used to invest in the research and development of new technology, expand its team, as well as expand its services to more areas.

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Housing property e-commerce platform Julive received undisclosed Series B in tens of millions of USD

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Founder: Wang Peng

Founded in: 2014

Financing status: Series B in 2017 amounting to hundreds of millions in RMB (tens of millions in USD)

Housing property e-commerce platform, Julive, received undisclosed Series B in tens of millions of USD on August 17 to expand its housing property business to more cities in China.

Julive is a housing property e-commerce platform that helps customers purchase suitable houses based on big data technology. It recommends housing properties by acquiring users online, dividing them into different groups, and making different profiles for them by analyzing their information and related data, including income, work, living location, and so on.

Founded in 2014 in Beijing, Julive’s housing property e-commerce business currently covers 7 cities in China, including Beijing and Shanghai, among others. It is working with more than 400 housing property companies to make sales online. So far, its housing property has over one million views monthly, with the turnover exceeding RMB one billion.

Julive grabbed this Series B financing round led by Vertex Ventures. It plans to use the funds to seek partnerships with more housing property companies, and invest in market expansion plans to spread its business to more cities.

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