Hiketang secured USD 7.5 M for Series A for its private teaching services, & more

Online educational platform Hiketang receives USD 7.5 M for Series A


Founder: Ji Yi

Financing status: RMB 50 million (USD 7.5 million) for Series A financing in 2017

Online educational platform, Hiketang, received USD 7.5 M for Series A on August 21 to launch offline outlets for a better user experience.

The whole education industry has integrated advanced technology, such as online streaming-based teaching, course customization based on big data analysis, as well as smart robotic interaction with students with AI support. Since most education companies have mastered these technologies, the focus of the competition between online educational platforms has returned to teaching resources, i.e. the quality of teachers and the services of platforms. Today, we are reporting on an online education platform, Hiketang, which secured its Series A financing round with its high quality teaching resources.

Hiketang is an online educational platform that provides K-12 students with online one-on-one teaching services using live streaming technology. It recruits excellent teachers all over China so that students can access its high quality teaching resources at home. Unlike other one-on-one educational platforms, it equips not only subject teachers, but also counselors, curriculum researchers, and supervisors of students. In addition to teaching quality, Hiketang pays great attention to teachers’ ethics.

Founded in Beijing, its teachers are mainly from Tsinghua, Beijing University, Jiaotong University, Fudan University, and other first-class schools in China. Currently, it has recruited more than 6000 teachers, and its online education services have covered over 500 cities. Its monthly revenue has exceeded RMB 10 million.

This new financing round was led by Datou Capital, with Sinovation Ventures and Taoli Capital participating as investors. The capital will be used to invest in improving its brand influence, expanding its business to other industries, and launching offline outlets to perfect users’ experience.


Medical imaging platform Yinglink receives undisclosed pre-Series A in millions of USD

Photo from 58pic.com


Founder: Dong Jie

Financing status: Pre-Series A in 2017 amounting to tens of millions of RMB ( a few million USD)

Medical imaging platform Yinglink receives undisclosed pre-Series A in millions of USD on August 21 for market expansion plans.

Yinglink is a medical imaging platform that provides hospitals and medical organizations with smart medical imagining technology support based on AI technology.

On the one hand, medical imagining technology can improve doctors’ competence levels in diagnosis by saving their time and improving efficiency. On the other hand, doctor can make precise treatments through data analysis and track a patient’s condition easily. Additionally, Yinglink is working with experts in the medical imaging industry in China to establish a diagnosis system based on medical imaging technology for a variety of diseases, and standardizing for report writing and scanning norms.

Founded in Beijing, currently there are more than 100 hospitals connected to its medical imagining technology support, and over 10,000 doctors who can benefit from Yinglink’s platform. It has accumulated 30,000 cases on its platform, which will contribute a database for the development of medical imagining.

Yinglink grabbed this pre-Series A financing round led by Northern Light Venture Capital. It plans to use the funds to expand its business to more hospitals and invest in the improvement of medical imaging technology.

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