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Baozhunniu secured USD 15M to design a wider variety of insurance products, & more

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Insurance customization platform Baozhunniu received USD 15 M for Series B


Founder: Chao Xiaojuan

Financing status: RMB 100 million (USD 15 million) for Series B financing in China

Insurance customization platform, Baozhunniu, received USD 15 M for Series B on August 23 to integrate its services into more industries.

The insurance industry is connected to nearly everyone–not only through health insurance and medical insurance, but various insurances available in the market for many areas, such as financial insurance and education insurance, among others. These insurance products are designed for customers based on their demands. Once there are enough people who can support a specific insurance product it can be applied. So, nowadays, there are companies that start their business from design insurance products for groups, especially for enterprises, due to their large number of employees. Baozhunniu secured its Series B financing round to design more insurance products in various scenes.

Baozhunniu is an insurance customization platform that provides clients with custom-made insurance products. For example, it has insurance products in the education industry like Liuxueanxinbao, which targets Chinese students studying in the U.S, providing them with overseas insurance services. It also has a medical insurance product designed for employees to help them get support once their body is not in good condition. Its products cover shared economy, sports, study, human resources, O2O, tourism, catering, medical, energy, and other related fields.

Founded in Beijing, It claims to have served more than 3,500 enterprise customers in China and other countries. Its customers include ofo, Baidu, 58 Express, and peer-to-peer lending platform, Additionally, there are tens of millions of users who pay for its insurance products. Its products have cumulatively served over one billion users.

Baozhunniu grabbed this Series B financing round led by Marathon Venture Partners, with Matrix Partners China and NNFE participating as investors. It plans to use the funds to customize more insurance products for more sectors of various industries.

Fashion bloggers’ community Nothing received undisclosed Series A in millions of USD

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Founder: Aric

Founded in: 2015

Financing status: Series A financing in 2017 amounting to tens of millions of RMB (a few million USD)

Fashion bloggers’ community, Nothing, received undisclosed Series A in millions of USD on August 25 to acquire high-quality content.

Nothing is a fashion blogger’s community that helps fashion bloggers attract more fans and earn revenue through content. It bridges fashion bloggers with businesses, so that fashion bloggers can produce specific content to meet business partners’ demands.

Founded in 2015 in Hangzhou, it has cooperated with more than 1000 fashion brands and supported over 2000 fashion bloggers. In response to the flexible requirements of fashion brands, Nothing produces trend reports based on community bloggers’ output data, analyzing trends in the next six months to one year. The report is divided into monthly and quarterly reports, and between categories, single product, color, style, and data analysis. At present, these reports are only sold to Nothing’s partnering brands to help them gain insight into trends, and reduce the risk of investment. Nothing mainly charges commission from its business partners.

Nothing grabbed this Series A financing round from New Margin Ventures. It plans to use the funds to expand its team and support fashion bloggers to produce high quality content.

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