Offline data analytics startup Loplat raised USD 2.7M to collect wider range of data


Founder: Jahyung Ku

Founded: 2014

Financing status: USD 2.7 million for undisclosed round in 2017

Loplat, a platform that investigates offline data, raised USD 2.7 million from Naver.

Loplat is a startup that specializes in a function that investigates wi-fi signals near users and measures locations inside a store. Without any products or sensory items like beacons, accurate information regarding the locations of mobile users in stores can be collected. Companies with Loplat solutions can provide location-based services and maximize their marketing results by examining big data, including the flow of customer traffic and visiting history at stores.

Loplat currently collects in-store data from over 320,000 places and that number will be over one million by 2018. Loplat, a service that over one million users a month utilize, is involved in many industries such as offline distribution, gaming, transportation, and finance. Over 600,000 pieces of user location data is daily aggregated and researched.

Jahyung Ku, CEO of Loplat, mentioned, “collecting a wide range of precise offline data will be advanced through this round of funding”. He added, “the team will make sure companies and customers receive great advantages by using Loplat”.

Loplat received seed funding through a project called D2 Startup Factory in 2015. Changhyun Song, CTO of Naver, said that Loplat proved its technological capability and potential to grow, which is why he made the decision to invest in Loplat. He aldo added that he’s looking forward to seeing the growth after this funding round as the platform develops itself in both technology and business.

Loplat released a crowdsourcing app called Cash Place last October, which not only enables remote quick-collection of location data but also manages the opening and closing of stores.

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