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Name card app Remember acquired by Naver and Line Plus

Drama & Company, the developer of a name card management service called Remember, was acquired by Naver and Line Plus.

Drama & Company will be a subsidiary of Line Plus and Naver but Jaeho Choi, the CEO of Drama & Company, will remain the CEO. Choi stated that “the potential of Remember is to make synergy with Line Plus and Naver for success in global markets. Remember will surely strive for more stable service operation and develop our service in different areas to expand in global markets.”

Drama & Company received USD 9 million from Line Plus and Naver recently. They plan to give shape to a plan to strengthen the cooperation to create a synergy effect from various angles.

Remember, a name card management service that over 1,800,000 people use, inserts the information on name cards correctly in one photo. Different than other similar apps, Remember is 99% of accurate in extracting information. It is also very convenient for people in business as it is ranked ‘App of the year on Google Play’ for the last two years.

(Top photo from Remember)

This article, entitled “Name card app Remember acquired by Naver and Line Plus”, was written in Korean by Platum, edited by AllTechAsia.

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