Hellobike ties the knot with heavyweight industry partners

On May 31, 2018 China’s leading transportation platform, Hellobike signed strategic cooperation agreements with international industry partners to jointly promote industry-wide upgrades in efficiency and accelerate industry-wide standardization.

According to the agreement, Hellobike will establish strategic cooperations with partners that include China Mobile, BASF Group, DMEGC, Sunwoda and BAK. Working with these power players in industries of intelligent communications, advanced materials, batteries, solar modules, motors and others, will aid Hellobike in achieving gains in standardization and efficiency at the levels of R&D, production, operation, and maintenance.

Li Kaizhu, Executive President of Hellobike pointed out that as a business leader in the two-wheel transportation industry, Hellobike has fulfilled services for more than 12 billion trips in the past two and a half years. Based on the high-frequency needs and pain points of the industry, a great deal of room for transformation and upgrading in the market can be expected.

“Hellobike will continue to focus on the two-wheel transportation market, provide users with one-stop intelligent transportation services, and cooperate with industry ecological partners to build a brand new industry ecology in the future, ” said Li.

Since its inception, Hellobike has continuously built user friendly and environmentally friendly transportation services along multi-business frontiers such as shared bicycles, shared e-bikes, and car-pooling services. Intelligent, technology-driven, and comprehensive operations constitute the core of Hellobike’s competitiveness. The company believes in investing in technology to improve operational efficiency, and as such it heavily relies on data intelligence and smart decision-making system.

Li Fengmei, Vice President of the leading lithium battery maker BAK Group, said that BAK, under the strategic cooperation agreement, will provide the electric drive system for three generations of Hellobike e-bikes. He added that the two partners will further cooperate in the future through new projects, joint research, as well as product testing and certification processes.

He Jinshi, Group Chairman of Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics (DMEGC), China’s leading electronics company, said that their group is actively embracing the new economic age. As a result, DMEGC and Hellobike will join forces to promote the intelligent research and development of motors and other products. Their cooperative efforts can be expected to lead industry standards

Lastly, Hellobike and its strategic partners aim to further improve the Internet of Things (IoT) to tap into user needs and create innovative products more suitable for the intelligent industry. “Together, we’ll explore the products and technology of the 5G era,” said Cheng Liang, General Manager of Hellobike Supply Management Center.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Shanghai, Hellobike now operates in more than 360 Chinese cities and supports more than 20 million daily trips.

(Top photo from Hellobike)

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