Zepp Z launched: a health smartwatch with a classic design

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On November 18th, Zepp, a digital health management wearable brand, officially released its Zepp Z flagship smartwatch. Zepp Z includes a professional health management system, as well as scientific exercise and efficiency tools to help users comprehensively manage their schedules and fitness needs. 

The Zepp brand was established in 2010 in Silicon Valley. Many world-class athletes wear the watch due to its real-time, quantitative fitness analysis that helps improve their competitive performance. 

In July 2018, Huami Technology (NYSE:HMI) acquired Zepp’s core assets. In August 2020, Zepp completed its brand upgrade. The company is committed to building a professional digital health management platform for global users and further improving its professional health management products. Also in August, the company introduced Zepp E to Chinese consumers.

The art of classic design 

Zepp believes that even technology-packed smart watches should maintain an elegant style and sophisticated design. Zepp Z boasts the finest craftsmanship and a fashionable design, making the whole watch more humane and artsy. The watch body is made of titanium alloy, which is light, strong, and skin-friendly. The detailed design of the crown, dial, and strap make the watch very comfortable to wear.

Zepp Z is equipped with a 1.39-inch AMOLED high-definition color display, 454×454 retina-level high resolution, pixel density of 326 ppi, 550 nits of maximum brightness, and wide color, NTSC standard gamut. Zepp Z provides dozens of displays that feature various functions such as health, sports, art, photos, and more. It has special business dials that allow users to customize their watches and present their own personal styles.

A professional health assistant 

Using Zepp’s top physical sign monitoring technology and data analysis capabilities, Zepp Z’s health management system can accurately analyze various physiological data such as heart rate, electrocardiograms, blood oxygen levels, and sleep patterns. It can then use the information to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the wearer’s health. 

The BioTracker™ 2 PPG optical sensor, a core technology developed by Huami, is the key to Zepp Z’s accurate health monitoring capabilities. With the RealBeats™ heart rate engine, Zepp Z can not only perform real-time heart rate monitoring and send high heart rate warnings, but also automatically screen for arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillations.

Zepp Z can also analyze variations in heart rate, which allows it to determine the wearer’s stress level. Finally, the smart watch is equipped with a blood oxygen detection function, an important health indicator.

Extensive scientific and intelligent experiences 

Zepp believes in deeply understanding wearers’ usage habits and improving the user experience as much as possible. Zepp has optimized the watch by including dozens of functions such as exercise routine recording, voice assistant, and schedule and commute management, ensuring that the smartwatch is easy to use and helps wearers reach their fitness goals.

Zepp Z has 12 built-in professional sports modes and has 50-meter deep water resistance. Available modes include running, swimming, mountaineering, and skiing. Zepp Z is also equipped with a GPS+GLONASS independent positioning system, which can record motion trajectories without linking to a mobile phone. It can also generate analysis reports post-exercise, combining rich data records to help users continue to improve their fitness routines. 

When wearing Zepp Z, users can use the voice assistant at any time, and don’t even have to touch the screen. Zepp Z can receive and execute more than 60 voice operation commands even when there is no Internet or Bluetooth connection.

In addition, Zepp Z can perform efficient schedule management functions. The Zepp app is compatible with both iOS and Android, making it easy for wearers to use the watch to easily plan their days. With the NFC function, Zepp Z also supports subway and bus travel and access e-cards. 

With its cutting-edge design and optimized power management system, Zepp Z’s battery can last up to 15 days with daily use. It can, however, last more than 30 days when in long-term usage mode. 

Zepp Z is priced at RMB 2699 in China and is currently available for presale on the Zepp official website, as well as on Tmall and JD. The watch will officially launch for domestic sales on November 25.

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