Taobao report: “Lazy” products boom among young Chinese consumers


by Lue Wei


Online shopping has become very popular among the young, “lazy” Chinese generation, who are increasingly purchasing novelty items and devices that make life more convenient. Some say such products are in turn making this generation lazier everyday.  

The “Lazy Economy” is a concept discussed among Chinese netizens about new products that feed the lazy habits of young Chinese whose lives are dominated by the Internet and smartphones use, and those who buy products that seek to make life effortless. After all, there are an estimated 783 million smartphone usersin China as of 2018.

According to the “lazy” consumption reportpublished by Taobao on December 10th, Chinese consumers spent USD 2.3 billion (RMB 16 billion) on these effort-reducing products. Those driving this massive consumption are young Chinese citizens born after 1995, whose spending increased by 82% this year.

The rising demand of the “lazy economy” has inspired new products designed specifically for these consumers. Automatic household machines and instant cosmetics, for instance, are among the most popular goods.

The following are a few hand-selected favorites of the “lazy” consumer:


Automatic cooking machine

With this clever culinary device, you can make delicious Chinese stir-fries simply by putting in all ingredients. The machine makes an automatic stir-fry just like a Chinese chef. It even features heating preset modes for different recipes.


One-bite toothbrush

This creative, U-shaped electric toothbrush uses sonic technology to clean your teeth. You need not move your hands while brushing because it fits your teeth perfectly.


Super pillow-hat

You’ll never feel like you’re out of bed with the pillow-hat. You can fall asleep anytime, anywhere.


Lazy horizontal glasses

With these nifty glasses you can read or watch television while lying flat. This is great for the person who is unable to sit for long periods of time or the person who simply doesn’t want to get up.


Handy snack plate

Couch potatoes can now give TV shows their full, undivided attention without having to bother with the inconvenience of peels and shells.


Lazy makeup

This eyebrow stencil and one-sweep eye shadow kit are perfect for those who’d rather not bother spending half an hour in front of the mirror but still want to look fantastic.


Automatic fat-loss belt

This belt claims to help with weight loss and muscle building thanks to its microcurrent technology. Great news for those do not consider themselves fitness fans!


Self-heating hotpot

Hotpot counts among the most popular cuisines in China, and this self-heating hot pot allows you to enjoy it anytime, anywhere. First, add the included meat, vegetable, noodle, and spice packets, then add enough water into the upper box. Next, add water in the lower box with the heater package. Quickly assemble the upper box above the lower box and cap tighty. Wait for 15 minutes, and you’ll have a fantastic hot pot meal.


(All photos from Taobao)

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