China calls for internet enterprises to go to Hong Kong to boost the local tech industry

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), China’s internet regulator, issued a strategic outline for China’s informationization on Wednesday in Beijing.

In the context of Chinese policy, “informationization” refers to increasing the technical capabilities of networks in China, boosting the country’s information economy, and fusing elements of the information economy with traditional industry.

This outline said that China would support the informationization of Hong Kong and Macao, encouraging internet enterprises from mainland China to go to the HK and collaborate with local companies.

“We encourage enterprises and capital to go to Hong Kong, further improving the local internet industry,” said Zhuang Rongwen, Deputy Director of CAC. Linking the initiative with wider goals for Hong Kong, he said that “To advance the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong is our unshakable goal”

Last week, CEO of Tencent Pony Ma noted two aspects that are holding back internet innovation in Hong Kong – policy from local government could be more supportive, and universities need to be more open towards professors and students starting their own companies, based on their research.

The strategic outline also includes a three-step plan for China’s internet development.

1. China will rank among leading countries in the world when it comes to core internet technology by 2020.

2. China will be able to build advanced mobile telecommunication networks independently by 2025.

3. China’s modernization will be in parallel by informationization .

(Top photo from Baidu Images)

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