Naver Releases AI Secretary App


Naver will start a beta test of AI secretary app Naver-Clova, and kick off a full-scale AI experiment.

The app was launched as a smartphone app to enhance user accessibility for AI secretary services, allowing users to use it conveniently regardless of the device or operating system. The app will use tech developed jointly by Naver and Line to perform following tasks: information search, recommend music, translate language and emotions.

The biggest strength of Naver-Clova is information search. It can tell you the date for Chuseok or Korea’s Thanksgiving this year or convert EUR 500 to your local currency. It can also recommend good restaurants in Hannam-dong or if you like, an English fairy tale based on calculated preferences of the user.

Music recommendations are also a unique experience. Users can command the app to play pop songs or songs by female singers from the 1980s and get what they want. The app also has a translation feature for Chinese speakers, and can help you brush up your English conversational skills as well. Finally, users can interact with Naver-Clova using various phrases such as “sing a song for me”, “I am lonely” or “I am bored.”  

Considering that ​​the AI secretary app gets better as it accumulates more data about a user over time, one can expect to experience differentiated AI secretarial services that evolve to better suit their tastes over time.

But that’s not all. Naver plans to add more features to the app to make it more “intelligent”. Also, through various services such as ‘Naver i’, an interactive engine which is already undergoing beta testing, and ‘AiRS’, Naver will continue to enhance the performance of Clova.

This article, entitled “Naver Releases AI Secretary App”, was written in Korean by Platum, edited by AllTechAsia editors.

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